Six days she has been dancing and training hard…
and at the seventh day…
she painted

I am an artist now since 10 years, doing exhibitions and selling my art. My favorite Style is the minimalstic & abstract art with metallic Acrylic and structure. The motives are contrasty. The Sincere ones are found in the silent harmony of the painting, mostly combined with my endless love to the sea. The Sin parts are found in the erotic, sensual motives. And often both parts are combined in one painting.

All the paintings are original and unique. No art prints are exsisting!

“Silk on Pole”

50cm x 100cm

Original Acrylic structure painting on stretched canvas of a silk dance on pole, with metallic colors silver and gold for a shining effect. The Pole shines different, if you change the angle you are looking at it. The contrast of the bright colors of the silk on the redblack background makes the painting shine in the dimmed light.

I am a passionate Dancer and love Silk, Poledance, Hoop and all kind of acrobatic and dancing.
First I had my idea on a sketch of a poledancer wearing silk, on the pole. Then I removed her and left the silk. Suddenly the basic idea was there and though it took me a year to finish the painting, all the time I was so exsited to have it done once and enjoy the dancer on canvas.



“The stargazer – Alone but not lonely”

90cm x 120cm

The stargazer is painted with acrylic colours and structure. The colours look amazing in the dimmed light too.

It was my bravest and same time my sadest painting. But it was a calm peaceful sadness and it turned out as a very powerful and creative source. I just had a break up from a relation and I took my largest canvas, where I actually wanted paint a hugging couple on. I took my brush and just started to paint from my feeling. Some shapes of water, rocks, a lonely man looking to the moon. As I started to paint some details of the moon, all the painting became full with energetic calm vibes. The sadness was gone and I painted the shining on the man, on the water and the tree behind him. It was the beginning of a great painting full with positive vibes. Alone, but not lonely.


“Flowing vibrations”

60cm x 40cm

Nearby to my home is a beautiful idyllic lake, where I go to almost every day in the summer, after a bycicle tour. The first steps, when I enter the cool fresh water, and my fingers touch the surface and playing with the vibrations on it, breathing the fresh air. This feeling is caught in this painting.

I use the metallic acryl colour copper for the skin, to make it shine, when you change the angle you look on it and also shinie in dimmed light.



40cm x 40cm

Yes, this is a heartbut painted with Acryl on canvas. The main colour is metallic, copper. It shines different if you just change the angle you look at the painting.

I just had turned my canvas and had a vison, as I saw the shape. I love to use metallic colours, because they shine amazing, when the light is dimmed.




40cm x 40cm

A coralheart on an canvas in shape of a heart. Painted with acryl and original coral sand from the maledives.

The coralheart is the pure love to the ocean, the riffs and the colorful fishes.
The sand has been brough in a small bag from the island in 2019. Since the islands are sinking day by day, this art is keeping them alive for the next hundreds of years.


“The dreaming woman”

70cm x 90cm

This minimalistic painting is with structure and metallic acryl colours copper and gold. It shines if you look on it from an other angle, but also in the dimmed light.

The dreaming woman gives the beholder a very SinCere, relaxed feeling. You wonder, what she may be thinking about, memorizing or just dreaming. What ever it is, the painting gives you a sensual and chilled feeling. As if you just turned on the Romantic Saxophone Music. It looks amazing above the bed.


“Peaceful harmony”

100cm x 50 cm

This is a painting with acrylic colours and structure with many details.

Once I was at this beautiful calm beach and I saw this kid sitting there, playing in the sand and looking to the horizon. The kid was very focused on the horizon, though I could not see clearly why. But I took a photo and paiinted it later. Peaaceful harmony this is what the beholder feels, wondering, what is there and same time realizing that its not about what is there, but more about what is here. The sand, the shell, the wave with the foam crown, the hair of the kid, the boat, everything has a fine structure on the canvas. peaceful harmony in the moment, in the simplicity and last but not least in the horizon.



“In the arms of an angel”

70cm x 100cm

This is a minimalistic painting with acrylic colours.
The feeling to let yourself completely fall into arms of a man and leting pull you high up into the sky without any limits.