Dancer in several HipHop, Dancehall and Afro music videos
The latest is for DJ Chris K for the song Mabuka, as a sexy stripper

Poledancegogo in House of Weekend club, Berlin

Poledancegogo in club The perl, Berlin

Poledancegogo in Bootshaus club, Köln

HipHop Gogo in Crystal club, Köln

Twerk show at Muralfest, Berlin

Twerk battle several participations in Berlin

Poledancegogo in club Chesters, Berlin

HipHop Gogo in club Hamburg, Hamburg

HipHop Gogo on Event Blockstyleparty, Berlin

Dancehall gogo on Dancehallpartys in several clubs in germany

Chairdanceshows and Cowgirlshows in Berlin


Actress for movie “Rate your date”

Freeze dancer for Deutsche Bahn advertising 2018

Salsa Dancer for Berlin Tag und Nacht

Actress for “Berlin Station”


Many photoshootings and videos for numerous fashion shops and private orders f.e. for Studentsofboots