Viktoria teaches Poledance Polesport, Chairdance, Floorwork and Frame Up Dance – also ONLINE on Zoom

She gives lessons for beginners and Level 1-2 in three different Poledance categories:

1. Artistic Pole is a barefeet poledance, contemporary
2. Urban Pole is poledance in a HipHop / Urban Style with sneakers, boots or heels
3. Exotic Pole is a very sexual poledance with the stripper heels

For the chairdance and Frame Up Strip workshop she creates a choreography, for any level.
If you want feel like a queen or make your boyfriend/husband a superspecial gift, contact her and book a sensual chairdance or Frame Up Strip workshop.

Currently Viktoria is based in berlin, but is travelling a lot and giving courses also abroad.



Beginner Poledance Tricks Combination

The moves are:
Pole Walk, Pirouette, The Dip, Chair Spin, Fireman Spin crossed legs, Sunwheel Spin, Front Hook Spin, Back Hook Spin, Cradle Spin, Side Spin, Boomerang, Basic Climb, Cruzifix, Pole Seat, Wrist Seat, Belly Lift, Basic Invert, Gemini or Outside Leg Hang, Inside Leg Hang

Intermediate Poledance Tricks Combinaion

The moves are:
Pole Walk, Spinning Chopper, Gemini or Outside Leghang, Closed Gemini, Inverted Unicorn, Regular Unicorn

Frame Up Strip Choreos & Workshops


Here is her Urban Poledance Choreo for Level 1